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WorkSafe Suite EVENTS

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WorkSafe EVENTS: Enterprise Compliance from First Report to Resolution

Enterprise compliance from first report to resolution.

WorkSafe Suite EVENTS
WorkSafe EVENTS leverages standard SAP EHS Management and Quality Management with browser-based interface.
Injuries on the job, hazardous substance spills, damage to equipment—whatever the event, consistent reporting and resolution processes with audit trails are critical to compliance for large organizations. This includes not only resolving the issue at hand, but also triggering risk assessments to actively manage and monitor workplace compliance threats.

WorkSafe EVENTS leverages standard SAP EH&S industrial hygiene and safety (IH&S) functionality, while using SAP Enterprise Portals and SAP NetWeaver to deliver a user interface with greater usability and enhanced workflow.

Deploy globally, manage locally.

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Compliance calendar integrates with both Microsoft Outlook and Lotus Notes. Usability highlights include option for users to toggle between a calendar view (top) or a workbench view (bottom) to manage their tasks associated with an event.

As an enterprise software solution, WorkSafe EVENTS gives you the framework for managing first reports at multiple sites across multiple countries in multiple languages. Equally as important as global reach is the flexibility to allow the site administrators to have local control—control over their user groups, roles, workflows, deliverables, and other regional factors that make each site’s compliance needs unique.

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