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WorkSafe Suite Delivery

Accelerated implementation & ramp-up offer

Project implementation

Project duration for WorkSafe Suite components varies with module and roll-out scope. Historically, however, a module can be implemented in an accelerated three- to four-month project for an initial client site. Linx/AS is able to reduce cost and timeline by bringing to the engagement standard roles and an innovations division in King of Prussia, PA headquarters to support development remotely.


Linx/AS is offering WorkSafe Suite with no initial software cost* during its ramp-up period. Customers will be charged for implementation services and any SAP software costs required for the solution which are not available in the customer's current SAP licensing agreement.

For an estimate, please contact Linx/AS at 610.992.9333 or email sales@worksafesuite.com.

*Ramp-up offer requires the customer to participate in select marketing activities as reference customer for WorkSafe Suite.