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WorkSafe Suite HAZCON

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Enterprise management of hazardous substance inventories and procurement.

WorkSafe Suite HAZCON
WorkSafe HAZCON adds compliance checking to procurement platforms to mitigate compliance risks, to provide better inventory visibility, and to improve efficiency of EH&S operations.

Knowing what can and does come into your labs, plants, and other work areas isn't always easy to manage—especially if you're global. However, compliance is too costly to ignore.

Fortunately, for companies running SAP, the solution is just a portal away. WorkSafe HAZCON™ leverages the SAP EH&S hazardous substance management (HSM) component for enterprise data but allows users to conduct business in a familiar, friendly web environment.

What's more, WorkSafe HAZCON solves inventory tracking challenges for indirect purchases (i.e., materials not maintained in the ERP system). While inventory of direct materials is standard practice, many purchases, specifically in R&D-intense industries, are not maintained in the ERP system—for instance, lab chemicals or biologics for experimentation. But with WorkSafe HAZCON, inventories and allowed quantities are stored, tracked, and audited in SAP, giving visibility to potential compliance risks.

Defining work areas, workers, and substance relationships.

In Worksafe HAZCON, EH&S administrators can configure work areas for the organization, for instance, labs or plants. The hierarchical structure can be as detailed as desired, even mapping to a single room in a specific building.

In defining the work areas, you can further establish relationships that act as compliance checks during procurement processes: These relationships, coupled with application logic, greatly improve the efficiency and accuracy of risk management across the enterprise.

Integrating compliance approvals with procurement.

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In the Service Manager control panel, administrators can configure web service communications with external systems such as SAP SRM.

If you have implemented e-procurement with SAP Supplier Relationship Management (SRM) or even another third-party system, WorkSafe HAZCON lets businesses integrate—and in instances automate—EH&S approvals in the procurement process.

Through the WorkSafe Suite service manager, procurement systems can send purchase requests via a web service to initiate compliance logic and trigger workflow if human intervention is required.